How to Tell the Original Urban Decay Naked Palette from Fake Urban Decay Naked Palette

I apologize for the lack of intro in this video. I just thought I would just jump right into it. I made this video because I am astounded by the amount of counterfeit products especially makeup being sold in the market today. If you are someone who just discovered their love for makeup, you can easily be duped into buying counterfeit makeups. Sometimes, these products are so well-made, you can’t really tell if they are fake or not. However, makeup enthusiast can easily tell the difference between authentic makeup and fake ones. No matter, how well made and packaged a counterfeit makeup is, there will always be some flaws.

Now, a lot of sellers are claiming that these counterfeit makeups are “Singapore Authentic” or “Class A”. These terms are very common especially in online shopping. I am not an expert in this subject but from what I understand “Authentic” means “original” or “genuine”. But it gets confusing once a store claims that its products are “Singapore authentic”, for example. Perfumes, cosmetics, and bags are usually tagged as such. The sellers would even post elaborate descriptions and photos to prove that their products are not bootlegged from China or something. (Even though most things are made in China these days anyway.) So are they fake or not? YES! They are basically replicas, which means that the products almost look like the real thing, but make no mistake – they are not AUTHENTIC!

In the video below, I made a quick comparison between a FAKE Naked Urban Decay Palette and an AUTHENTIC Naked Urban Decay Palette. These are just comparisons I made based on my observations. I apologize though of all the background noises. My kids suddenly decided to have a contest who shouts the loudest.

I hope this video helps though.



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