Famous Pianist Rudolf Golez

Mr. Rudolf Golez is a Julliard skilled Chopin interpretation expert.  He started his piano lessons at the age of three but his interest in piano took a turn when he was ten years old. His mother Rafaelita “Oche” Pelaez, a local form Cagayan de Oro City, played the video of a classic, “The Waltz King,” a biopic about composer Johann Strauss in imperial Vienna. From then on, Golez took his piano lessons to heart and he debut his first recital in less than a year.

His passion for playing the piano didn’t stop there. He started playing the great masters such as Beethoven and Liszt while he was at Julliard in New York City. His first major hit was when he played the Falla’s “Nights in the Gardens of Spain” with the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra at the Cultural Center of the Philippines last December.

From then on his name and prowess on the piano has spread like wild fire to musical patrons. The moment he hits the stage, applause greets him enthusiastically. The way he plays the piano is like telling a story. He makes his listeners hear the waves on the ocean, the raging storm in the open sea or the soothing ripples of the steady river.

A famous Spanish composer, Cristobal Halffter was really impressed with Rudolf Golez. But no one could be more proud than Golez’s mother Oche Pelaez who always takes her seat at the middle row every time her son plays. He even dedicated one his masterpieces to her, the Liszt’s “Sonetto del Petrarca”. To better understand the piece though, the program played the entire sonnet by Petrach. The finale was Liszt’s “Mephisto Waltz.”

Rudolf received a standing ovation for his performance that night. Many of his listeners commented that they were in a cloud of music. The Arts Council officers led by president Petite Garcia hosted a dinner in honor of Rudolf and his mom Oche at the Casino Español. Distinguished guests were present such as VPs Maxwell Espina and Vivina Yrastorza, Marissa Fernan, Elvira, Teresin Mendezona, Alice Plaza and Victoria Hermosisima.